Oakland Schools Beef Up Security In Wake of Middle School Fight Involving Teacher (Video)

A violent brawl has forced Oakland officials to beef up security amid safety concerns in a “riotous environment.”

Yet officials weren’t talking about a prison, county jail, or a section of Oakland’s notoriously tough streets.

Rather, they were referring to a local middle school.

After a fight between a middle school girl and a substitute teacher surfaced on the web last week, the entire Oakland Unified School District will receive extra administrators to ensure area schools remain calm in the wake of the scandal.

The fight – which was captured on a nearby student’s cellphone – shows the teacher ordering the girl out of the classroom.

“Get your butt out of here,” he says to the 8th grade student while forcing her to the door. After the two briefly exit the classroom, they return only seconds later.

Between a mix of shouting and expletives, the two engage in a back-and-forth struggle in front of other students.

As the girl throws punches in the substitute teacher’s direction, he’s forced to grab a desk – which he uses to block the girl’s punches while simultaneously pushing her towards the door.

In an interview with local CBS affiliate KPIX-TV, the teacher said he was eventually forced to hide as the classroom turned on him. “They destroyed the whole classroom,” he said. “They broke the desk. They threw the computers to the floor.”

The video, which surfaced last week after a parent gave the cellphone to a local media outlet, has not resulted in any disciplinary actions against the teacher.

The student no longer goes to the school.

Teachers told the Contra Costa Times that students have been seen drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in class, and that several racially-motivated fights have taken place in recent weeks.

Kashmir Hyder, a teacher at the middle school, said the school’s hostile environment has become so bad she has a student who frequently cries amid safety concerns.

“They shouldn’t have to worry about being safe,” Hyder told WPIX. “You should never feel that at school.”

Sources: The Blaze, CBS San Francisco


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