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Oakland School Security Officer Convicted Of Assaulting Student In Wheelchair (Video)

A former public school security officer, Marchell Mitchell, was convicted on July 21 of felony assault on a 17-year-old student, Francisco Martinez, on May 19, 2014 at Oakland High School in California. Two incidents were caught on school surveillance videos (below).

Mitchell was also found guilty of misdemeanor battery, but not guilty on another assault charge and two charges of corporal injury on a child, notes Inside Bay Area New.

Mitchell claimed that he thought Martinez was a dangerous gang member who was reaching for a knife. Mitchell also accused Martinez of making death threats and using racial slurs.

Martinez testified that he didn't use slurs or make threats, and was not part of a gang.

ABC News 7 reported in May 2014 that the first incident was caught on a hallway surveillance video.

According to ABC News 7, Martinez slapped Mitchell who was trying to push him to class, so Mitchell handcuffed the student who allegedly spat on him; Mitchell was then caught on video punching the teen in the hallway.

A second surveillance video shows Mitchell and another security guard with Martinez near an elevator. At one point, Mitchell pushes Martinez's wheelchair over and reportedly kicks the student, who has cerebral palsy.

"The fact that it happened to a student who has cerebral palsy only compounds the damage and how awful this incident is," Oakland School District representative Troy Flynt told ABC 7 News in 2014.

"We acknowledge that there was a small physical exchange prior to the security officer essentially flipping out and attacking the student, but nothing that even remotely could justify what occurred," Flynt added.

Sources: ABC 7 News, Inside Bay Area News / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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