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Oakland's Pending Medical Marijuana Tax Could Mean 'Millions'

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OAKLAND ---A proposal to increase the business tax on city-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries has won approval
from an Oakland City Council committee and will now be voted on by the
full council. If approved by the Council, the issue will likely go
before municipal voters this summer.

The proposal would raise the tax paid by dispensary operators for every $1,000 in gross receipts from $1.20 to as much as $24.Council members estimate that the new tax could raise anywhere from $400,000 to a "couple million" dollars in city revenue annually.

Four state-licensed dispensaries operate in Oakland.Oakland attorney James Anthony, legal counsel for the Harborside Health Center dispensary and a member of the NORML Legal Committee, told the Oakland Tribune
that "paying a higher tax rate could show the 120 jurisdictions across
the state that have banned medical marijuana sales that ‘medical
cannabis dispensaries are good neighbors' that can help provide cities
with revenue."


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