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Oakland Rioters Beat Man For Trying To Put Out Fire (Video)

A man recently had his teeth knocked out by some violent rioters in Oakland, California.

A bystander shot a video (below) of the incident, which was posted on

The man, Zack Ware, was trying to put out a fire in the middle of the street when voices off-camera yelled, "White boy! White boy!"

Ware turns to the person filming, points to the fire and says, "This is not how we do this."

As Ware tries to put out the fire, he is assaulted by several people.

"I'm being punched in the face about a dozen times, face and head," Ware told KRON. "I lost my two front teeth."

"What happened to me happened because I was alone," added Ware. "And these guys, I believe, are not courageous. I believe that these guys attacked me because I was an easy target."

Ware now has two temporary front teeth.

Sources:, KRON
Image Credit: KRON Screenshot


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