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Oakland Reporter's Purse Stolen While She Reports On Mugging In Same Area

An Oakland, California reporter became connected to a mugging she was reporting on in a whole new way this week when she herself was robbed during the reporting.

KTVU’s Heather Holmes left her purse in a news van while she and crew members stood across the street reporting on a recent mugging in the area. When Holmes returned to the van, she discovered she’d become a victim of a robbery herself. Her purse, which contained money and credit cards, had been stolen.

Holmes tweeted about the incident on Tuesday.

“Oh the irony of it all,” she wrote, “while reporting on a violent mugging, my purse is stolen. Thieves used my bank card 20 mins after swiping my bag.”

As the San Francisco Gate reports, this isn’t the first time KTVU reporters have run into problems in Oakland recently. In March, several thieves held up a cameraman during a report and stole five cameras. The problem has gotten so bad that KTVU hired security guards to start accompanying news crews reporting from crime-ridden parts of town.

Want to know the best (or worst) part about Holmes’ purse being stolen? The van was parked right in front of the Oakland Police Department’s headquarters. 

Despite her misfortune, Holmes did her best to keep the attention on the mugged woman she was initially reporting on.

"While it's a bummer that my purse was stolen, it doesn't compare to what purse snatcher's did to this woman," Holmes tweeted. “She was beaten about the face & head for her purse in #Temescal. @oaklandpoliceca responds and says it will increase patrols in the area.”

Sources: Huffington Post, San Francisco Gate


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