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Oakland Police Point Guns at 1-Year-Old Baby

A report investigating Oakland police misconduct details the account of two policemen pointing their guns at a sleeping 1-year-old as they investigated a misdemeanor crime. 

Independent Monitor Robert Warshaw, who audits the OPD's progress in complying with a Negotiated Settlement Agreement, flagged the incident. 

Warshaw's report says that the police department's compliance has decreased for the second quarter in a row. 

According to Warshaw, when policemen were performing a search, two officers pointed their guns at a 19-month-old child, who obviously did not pose any threat to the officers or anyone else. 

In the last quarter, at least five incidents took place during which Oakland police pointed their guns at people who had posed no threat and had committed no crime. 

Last week, the Mayor of Oakland told the press that the police department is "changing" and is "making progress." 

Warshaw pointed out that this incident, along with others, stand "in stark contrast" to Mayor Jean Quan's statements. 

Oakland is known for treating citizens aggressively. During Occupy Oakland protests, 44 officers were disciplined for their behavior, including an incident in which an Iraq War veteran was hit in the head with a bean-bag projectile shot at close range. 



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