NYU Student Bernard Goal Arrested for Building Air Rifles in Dorm


Bernard Goal, a NYU psychology student, was arrested on Monday for building non-lethal air rifles in his dorm room.

A college maintenance crew spotted two rifles on his bed and alerted campus security, reports the New York Post.

Campus public safety officers checked Goal's room and found four more air rifles, which looked like AK-47s and Colt carbine rifles.

NYPD police officers arrested Goal on Monday and charged him with six misdemeanor violations of a New York City law that bans the possession or sale of air rifles and replica firearms.

Authorities claim that Goal allegedly built the air rifles with parts that he bought on web sites and sold them for up to $500 each.

The non-lethal air rifles shoot fire pellets with compressed air and have a range of about 140 to 300 feet.

“It turned out to be air rifles configured to look like assault rifles. There’s a local ordinance in New York City that makes it unlawful to possess an air rifle or an imitation weapon. So the student was arrested,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Brown, reports CBS New York.

Goal was released on $2,000 bail and must appear in court next month.

“Bernard is a bright and hardworking young student,” said Goal's attorney Ramsey Hinckle. “It’s worth noting that if he’d been outside of New York City or in his native Texas, the alleged conduct would not have been in violation of any administrative code.”

Source: New York Post and CBS New York


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