NYU Professor Ross Finocchio Accused of Recording Women in Dressing Rooms

New York University art history professor Dr. Ross Finocchio was arrested on Monday for allegedly videotaping women inside dressing rooms at Beacon's Closet in New York City.

Finocchio was reportedly caught in the act of spying on a 26-year-old woman trying on clothes in a dressing room adjacent to his dressing room, reports the New York Post.

Dr. Finocchio is said to have put his iPhone on his shoe and slid his foot under the partition between the dressing rooms.

The stunt echoed a Pee-Wee Herman comedy routine of placing mirrors on one's shoes to look up women's skirts, but in this case, it appeared that the iPhone was used for recording.

The woman reportedly became alarmed and told store manager, Stephanie Williams.

The unidentified 26 year old and Williams then allegedly witnessed Dr. Finocchio trying to spy on a 28-year-old woman.

Williams knocked on Dr. Finocchio's dressing-room door and demanded that he come out. 

Dr. Finocchio walked out of the dressing room and was "sweating profusely," according to Williams, who took a picture (right).

Williams marched Dr. Finocchio to the front of the store and had a co-worker call police.

According to Williams, Dr. Finocchio said he was embarrassed and claimed to be recording himself for a project.

He was charged with unlawful surveillance and admitted to making the recordings, stated a criminal complaint.

Source: New York Post


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