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NYU Partners With Sex Toy Shop to Teach Series on Oral Sex and ‘Strap-On Play’

New York University plans to partner with a sex toy shop in order to offer a series of workshops on performing oral sex and engaging in “strap-on play.”

Held at the schools LGBTQ Center, the events are primarily for “queer students and alumni.” The seminar names are “Oral Sex Tips,” “Sex Toys 101,” and “Strap-On Play.”

“Babeland and the NYU LGBTQ Center want you to stop by for a night of sex tips and resources for queer students and alumni,” the NYU flyer says.

“With three great miniworkshops including Sex Toys 101, Oral Sex Tips, and Strap-On Play, you’ll be showing off your sex IQ in no time! Arrive early; the first fifteen students will receive gift bags.”

The flyer said Planned Parenthood would also be on hand to teach students how to become more effective advocates for “sexual health awareness.”

It is not immediately clear whether the Sept. 5 workshops will allow students under age 18 to attend.

Sources: The Daily Caller, TheBlaze


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