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NYPD Sergeant Fritz Glemaud Promoted, Given Raise Despite 16 Lawsuits Against Him

New York Police Sergeant Fritz Glemaud was promoted and given a raise by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly despite being named in 16 civil rights lawsuits, reported the New York Daily News.

Lawsuits naming Sergeant Fritz Glemaud, of the Brooklyn North Narcotics unit, have reportedly cost the city more than $300,000 in payouts. He’s been accused of false arrests, illegal searches, excessive force, and fabricated affidavits by officers under his supervision.

An 18-year veteran, Glemaud has worked for the undercover narcotics, street crime, and vice units.

Last week Kelly promoted Glemaud to “sergeant supervisor detective squad,” including a $14,000 pay increase, according to The Daily News.

Glemaud was accused of falsely arresting a Brooklyn family during a raid, in which the family’s dog Buddy was shot and killed.

“His promotion shows that the NYPD does not take into consideration the actions of police officers which result in lawsuits against the city,” said the family’s attorney, Sanford Rubenstein.

Another false arrest complaint against him includes a 73-year-old woman named Mary Lodge who was charged with selling cocaine. Lodge claims she was strip-searched and forced to squat down and cough while she was nude. She was paid $35,000 to settle the case, but the NYPD admitted no wrongdoing.

The NYPD doesn’t believe legal action taken against a cop is any indication of wrongdoing.

“The fact that an officer is named in a lawsuit is not an indication of wrongdoing,” NYPD spokesman John McCarthy told the Daily News. “Similarly, settlements are straightforward business decisions made by the city and are also not an indication of guilt.”

Commissioner Kelly found himself under scrutiny over his support for Mayor Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk measure, which was declared unconstitutional by a US district judge on Aug. 12.

Now the Speaker Christine Quinn of the NYC City Council, who voted to extend Bloomberg’s term limits, is speaking out against stop-and-frisk as well. However, she always claimed she would keep Kelly on if she was elected mayor.

Fellow Democrat and mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio had tough words for all three.

“Speaker Quinn’s decision to sue her own choice for police commissioner one week before the election is a desperate attempt to distract attention from her eight year record of standing with Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly as the overuse and abuse of stop-and-frisk exploded, as well as her vote against an enforceable ban on racial profiling.”

Sources: NY Daily News, Epoch Times


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