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NYC Officers Search For Woman Who Pushed Baby Out Of Train And Abandoned Her On Subway Platform (Video)

The New York City Police Department is on the hunt for a woman they say abandoned her baby on a subway platform.

According to reports, a woman who was said to be in her 20s or 30s pushed her baby’s stroller out of the train when it stopped at Columbus Circle on Monday morning and proceeded to stay on the train as it left. The baby girl is said to be seven months old, and police are now searching for the mother.

Reports say that a random bystander stood with the baby for 20 minutes to wait for the mother to come back, but when nobody returned, she decided to call the police.

The baby was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated and was found to be in good health. Some reports say that the investigators are questioning a 20-year-old woman but do say that she has not been charged with anything and note that the investigation is still ongoing.

On Monday, police released pictures of the infant in her stroller, hoping that someone would be able to help them identify her and the woman who abandoned her.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Times, CNN


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