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NYPD School Officers Strip-Search a Girl at a Brooklyn High School While Dean Leslie Johnson Looks On

After a razor blade was found in the backpack of a student at George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn in May of 2011, school officials decided they couldn’t take any chances and decided to strip search her.

So on May 18th of that year, two NYPD school safety agents strip-searched a girl while the dean of the school, Leslie Johnson, watched it happen.

As described in the NY Post (below), the strip-search was a long process performed by the two female officers that ended in the student missing a year of classes.

One guard ordered the girl to unfasten her bra and pants and then ran her gloved hands up and down the girl’s “waist, crotch area and legs,” says a report by special schools investigator Richard Condon.

“When the physical examination was over, one of the SSAs instructed Student A to pull down her panties . . . the SSA pulled and dropped it to Student A’s ankles,” the report said.

When the girl was dressed and handcuffed, another staffer entered the room and said she was a “good student.” Following her arrest, the student was put in a room for troubled kids and missed a full year of classes.

According to the report, Dean Johnson was in the room and did nothing to stop the strip-search from happening. Now, two years later, both Johnson and the two officers are being reprimanded for their actions. Johnson has been fined $2,000 by the Department of Education and has been demoted from dean of the school to substitute teacher. The officers who performed the search were removed from the school and are reportedly going to receive disciplinary action.


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