NYPD Officers Tell Mayor Bill de Blasio To Stay Away From Police Funerals


New York Police Department officers sent a simple message to Mayor Bill de Blasio this week: Stay away. 

The NYPD officers have distributed a waiver amongst fellow cops to be signed in support of a request for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to refrain from attending police funerals.

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association sent out fliers to officers that encourage them to sign and submit the “Don’t Insult My Sacrifice” waiver, which was created in the aftermath of the chokehold death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner. The waiver calls for de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to stay away from police officer funerals.

“I, as a New York City police officer, request that Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito refrain from attending my funeral services in the event that I am killed in the line of duty,” the waiver reads. “Due to Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito’s consistent refusal to show police officers the support and respect they deserve, I believe that their attendance at the funeral of a fallen New York City police officer is an insult to that officer’s memory and sacrifice.”

De Blasio and Viverito released a joint statement in response to the request. “This is deeply disappointing,” the statement said. “Incendiary rhetoric like this serves only to divide the city, and New Yorkers reject these tactics. The mayor and the speaker both know better than to think this inappropriate stunt represents the views of the majority of police officers and their families.”

Comments that the mayor made in a press conference following the grand jury decision not to indict the officer responsible for Garner’s death have been criticized by New Yorkers and citizens nationwide, with many saying that the mayor should be standing behind his officers. Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch has even accused de Blasio of throwing NYPD officers “under the bus.”

The comments centered around de Blasio’s teenage mixed race son, who he says he has had to advise to be careful around police officers.

“We’ve had to literally train him, as families have all over this city for decades, in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him,” de Blasio said.

According to the New York Post, officers are planning a “Pro-Cop” rally next week at City Hall.

Source: The New York Post / Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org


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