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NYPD Officers Force Brooklyn Man Quinshon Shingles to Rap for His Freedom

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Brooklyn man and aspiring rapper Quinshon Shingles has filed a lawsuit against a handful of NYPD officers after he was forced to rap for his freedom.

One of the officers, David Grieco, has been under a years-long investigation. There have been attempts in the past to sue the department for his behavior.

According to the suit, Shingles and his friend were at a cousin’s home where plainclothes officers arrived and searched the house without a warrant. Shingles’ cousin was allegedly suspected of an unspecified crime.

Donyale Kitchens, Shingles’ aunt, refused to let the police search her home. Instead, they promised to return with a warrant.

Despite the promise, they convinced the building super to give them the keys to the apartment, then handcuffed three men while they searched the home.

When the officers learned that Shingles was a rapper, they promised to release him if he rapped something.

“They said, ‘Rap something if you want to go home,’ ” Shingles said. “I was scared. I was nervous. I didn’t want to got to jail.”

Shingles agreed and was released, though his friend remained in handcuffs. After the search, the officers found nothing illegal on the premises.

Shingles is suing the NYPD for illegal search and false imprisonment.

Sources: NY Daily News, Breitbart


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