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NYPD Officers Fight With Man Who Didn't Have Dog On Leash (Video)

Nicholson Gregoire said that he was beaten by police and wrongfully arrested on Dec. 15 in New York City after walking his dog without a leash (video below).

The 25-year-old college student told the New York Daily News that he was walking his 5-month-old pit bull when an officer noticed the dog was not on a leash and asked Gregoire for his identification.

Gregoire said that he told the police that his ID was inside his apartment, and two officers let him go inside to get it, but the cops rang the door bell while he was in his bedroom grabbing his identification.

Gregoire’s 87-year-old grandfather allowed the police inside the home, and that's when the struggle reportedly began. Gregoire's girlfriend filmed the incident on her cellphone.

A police spokeswoman told the newspaper that Gregoire refused to give up his ID, even though his grandfather told him to do so. Gregoire and his grandfather, however, said that the officers pushed by the elderly man and attempted to arrest Gregoire. The video also shows Gregoire presenting his ID to police several times.

“The police are alleging that my client answered the door and dragged them inside, to justify coming into the house," Gregoire’s attorney, Mark Crawford, told the Daily News. "They had no basis to enter the premises."

According to police, Gregoire put one of the two officers in a chokehold during an eight-minute fight, but Gregorie did not recall doing so.

The video does appear to show Gregoire with his arm around one officer's neck for a few moments.

Eventually, several more officers came into the home while Gregoire was struggling with the original two cops on the stairs.

During the altercation, Gregoire was punched repeatedly in the head by an unidentified police officer, pepper sprayed, and had his head slammed into a wall by a cop, notes.

Gregoire is now facing charges of assaulting an officer, strangulation, resisting arrest and more.

“My client’s constitutional rights were violated," Crawford told the Daily News. "The officers were smiling and that’s telling. These officers were not in any physical danger."

Sources: New York Daily News, / Photo Credit: Nicholason Gregoire/Screenshot, Howard Simmons/New York Daily News

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