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NYPD Officers Caught On Video Arresting Man For Filming Them

A video has surfaced that shows a New York City police officer searching a young woman on a sidewalk, and the woman's friend, Jason Disisto, asking a bystander for a cell phone to film the officer.

According to NBC New York, the police officer went after Disisto and tried to grab the cell phone away from him. The officer was joined by two other cops.

The 2014 incident was caught on multiple angles from local surveillance videos (below) that were posted by the law firm Rankin & Taylor.

Disisto was arrested and shoved into a police car; the cell phone was tossed by the cops onto the concrete where it broke. A police officer claimed in a report that Disisto lunged at him, but the video shows the officer lunging at Disisto. identified Jonathan Munoz as the officer who searched the young woman (for reasons unknown) and lunged for Disisto.

Disisto was reportedly charged with obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, but all of those charges were eventually dropped.

The NYPD told NBC New York that two of three officers in the incident were given new assignments back in December 2014. The incident is being investigated by the Manhattan district attorney and the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau.

Sources: NBC New York,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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