'No, You Wrong': Bystanders Criticize Cop For Shooting At Dog (Video)


An attempted arrest in Brooklyn got out of control when an officer shot at a dog that had made its way into the crowd of people watching the incident unfold.

The shooting occurred after the crowd of onlookers gathered outside a Brownsville home to watch as police attempted to arrest a man inside. Suddenly, a dog got loose and ran out of the house. After jumping on a Lieutenant, an officer fired his gun at the animal from point blank range. The officer missed, but that didn’t stop the crowd from becoming outraged by what they’d just witnessed.

“No, no you wrong. You wrong. You're dead ass wrong for that!” one bystander shouted. “Are you serious? There are kids out here,” another yelled. One person even told the officers that they were at the wrong house.

“It didn't' dawn on me it was a gun until the shot actually went past my foot and the spark hit the man behind me,” witness Jason Holley said. “I’m pretty sure that’s not the procedure that they teach those guys.”

Police later acknowledged that the person they were trying to arrest was not in the home, though one person was arrested for disorderly conduct. The dog was uninjured.

“The dog was not barking or growling, smh, glad he missed,” viewer LaFlare1017 commented on World Star Hip Hop.

“These cops way too trigger happy. They need to limit who gets guns and who doesn't,” Lord Warhol added.

Watch the intense video below. Do you think the officer’s actions were justified in the heat of the moment?

Sources: ABC 7, World Star Hip Hop

Photo Credit: youtube.com


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