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NYPD Officer Repeatedly Punches Subdued Man (Video)

A video (below) surfaced on Aug. 12 from an incident on May 4 that shows a NYPD officer punching a black man, who is held down by another cop and a bystander, inside a McDonald's in the Bronx.

Instagram user Hasan Harris posted the video and wrote: "F--- THE POLICE!!!! Sorry I can't be political about it... 3 against 1... He's trying to block his face and this pig keep hitting him..."

The NYPD said it has an extended version of the video that showed the suspect, 27-year-old Darnell Simmons, hitting the cops, notes the New York Daily News. However, the NYPD has not responded to a request to make it public.

According to a NYPD spokesman, Simmons was struggling with police who had arrested him for a string of alleged burglaries and an outstanding parole warrant.

A spokesman said the two detectives recognized Simmons as he walked into the fast food restaurant.  But when they went up to speak to him, Simmons allegedly hit one of the officers in the nose, and started fighting both of them, reports DNAinfo.

"These cops were taking a beating," an unidentified source said.

Several bystanders called 911 to get help for the cops, according to the NYPD, but in the video the witnesses are cursing at the police and screaming at them to stop hitting Simmons.

In the video, Simmons is held down by a bystander and Officer Billy Acosta, noted the New York Daily News.

The cop seen hitting and kneeing Simmons in the face was identified by NYPD sources as Officer Matthew Wright, who ended up with a broken nose and deep cuts that required surgery and staples.

According to police, Acosta came out of the incident with two herniated discs and minor injuries.

Simmons reportedly suffered minor injuries, and was charged with multiple counts of assault, menacing and disorderly conduct.

A NYPD spokesman said the confrontation was passed along to the Civilian Complaint Review Board and later closed.

However, the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau is still investigating the closed incident.


Sources: New York Daily News, Hasan Harris/Instagram, DNAinfo / Photo Credit: Hasan Harris/Instagramvia YouTube

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