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NYPD Officer Punches Handcuffed Man In Face (Video)

An unidentified man was repeatedly punched and bloodied by a NYPD officer as two other officers handcuffed him in the Bronx on New Year's Eve (video below).

Alexis Jasmin filmed the incident from a bus, uploaded the video to Facebook, and wrote a description of what she saw:

As im riding to the hair salon just now smfh ! This man was already in his car and the police were in the van getting ready to pull off. Granted the man did stick his head out the window and say a few choice words.

But please tell me why the cops got out the van, snatched him out of his car and proceeded to do this to him. Please explain to me why the officer kept bashing his face like that. This is exactly why i hate the police. His hands were already tied and he kept hitting the man in the face until bloody. RIDICULOUS!!

Jasmin's video went viral (over 300,000 views), and sparked an investigation by the NYPD, notes the Gothamist.

A NYPD spokesperson said, "The matter is under internal review," but did not identify the man, explain why he was stopped, or say if he had been charged.

The video shows three NYPD officers pinning the man down on the concrete. One of the officers is seen repeatedly hitting the man in the face, which draws shock from people on the bus.

As mentioned earlier, Jasmin wrote on Facebook that the man said a "few choice words" to the police before the arrest.

The Marshall Project stated in 2015 that it is generally not illegal to curse at police officers, but people are still arrested for doing so. The only time it is illegal is when the cursing amounts to fighting words and/or threats.

Sources: Alexis Jasmin/Facebook, GothamistThe Marshall Project / Photo Credit: Alexis Jasmin/Facebook via Youtube

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