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NYPD Officer Mistakingly Kicks Fellow Officer in Head During Altercation

Video recently surfaced of a plain-clothes officer in New York City kicking the head of a fellow officer during an altercation.

The initial officer was grappling with a suspect on the ground when the unnamed plain-clothes officer ran in, proceeding to rear back and drive the tip of his boot into the head of his colleague.

An onlooker in the video can be heard saying the words, “he kicked a cop,” as she struggled not to laugh. Realizing his mistake, the plain-clothes officer then rubbed the head of his comrade asking him if he was alright.

The altercation began when officers approached a 16-year-old suspect who allegedly was a fare-dodger, someone who has failed to pay for a subway ticket. There was a brief discussion between the officers and suspect, but then things got ugly as backup was called in.

While on the floor, the suspect can be seen covered in officers who are shouting, “Stop resisting,” and “Give me your hands.” It is unclear from the video if the suspect was struggling or fighting back in any way.

To make matters worse, after kicking his colleague in the head, the plain-clothes officer then proceeded to punch the suspect in the face, this time connecting with “the right guy.”

After the 90-second video was posted by DNAinfo New York, the unnamed officer was stripped of his badge and gun and placed on modified duty. His identity remains unknown, but the officer was a part of the undercover anti-crime unit from the 60th Precinct.

According to officials, the incident is now being investigated by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau along with the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson.

After being subdued, the suspect can be seen on camera asking “You saw that?” referring to the blow to the head given by the plain-clothes officer. The suspect in the case was not publically identified by officials due to a deal which lead to the case being sealed. The suspect pleaded guilty to a lesser offense as apart of the bargain an NYPD spokesman said.    


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