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NYPD Officer Miguel Gomez Charged with Spying on 21-Year-Old Neighbor in the Bronx

8-year NYPD veteran Migual Gomez was arrested on Friday and charged with using a surveillance camera to spy on his 21-year-old neighbor from his Bronx apartment building.

Authorities have not said where the camera was positioned or what the cop’s relationship is to the young woman.

Booked with unlawful surveillance shortly after 8 a.m. on Firday, it is unclear if Gomez, 41, was recording the footage. Police recovered the camera used. It is unlikely the equipment belonged to the department, but if it did, Gomez would face further charges.

His mother, Juliana Gomez, 67, told Daily News, “My son is a very good boy and wouldn’t do a thing like that.”

This news comes as another blow to the department after NYPD cop Gilberto Valle was convicted a week ago of plotting to kidnap and cannibalize several women, including his own wife.

Gomez is one of five NYPD employees arrested last weekend, three of whom were cops.

Sources: Gawker, NY Daily News


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