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'There Are Still Good Police Officers Out There': NYPD Officer Helps 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient

A mother from Ohio went to New York City to get the best treatment possible for her son, who has a rare form of cancer. She found herself in an unfortunate predicament when her car was towed. Luckily, a police officer came to her rescue.

Charnee Merritt took her 8-year-old son Israel to the Ronald McDonald house so that he could get treatment for Neuroblastoma, Pix11 reports.

She parked her car near a fire hydrant on East 73rd street and when she came outside, it was gone.

“I came outside and said ‘Oh my God did my car get stolen?’” Merritt told Pix11. “I am not thinking it was towed because I thought I parked far enough from the hydrant but I guess not.”

With very few options available to her, Merritt called the 19th Precinct and an officer by the name of P.J. Conley answered.

“She tells me her car got towed and her son was here getting treated, it broke my heart so I tried to make some calls to pier 76 to see if they would help us out a little to no avail,” Conley told Pix11.

The seven-year veteran cop then decided to take matters into his own hands. He went over to the Ronald McDonald house and gave Merritt the 185 dollars she needed to get her car back.

“He said, ‘You know what I am going to come help you. I am going to pay the 185 dollars to get your car out of towing’ and I said ‘thank you, thank you,’” Merritt recalled.

Not only did Conley pay for Merritt to get her car back, but he also paid for an Uber taxi to take her to the west side.

“There are still really good police officers out there in light of everything that is going on, there are still good police officers,” Merritt said.

Israel continues to fight for his life with the support of his mother, and their new friend.

Merritt said that she hopes one day she can pay it forward to another person in need of help. Conley added that he would do the same thing again for anyone in need.

You can donate to help Israel fight cancer by visiting the “Join the Cause to Help Israel Fight Neuroblastoma” Facebook Page.

Source: Pix11 / Photo Credit: Screenshot from Pix11


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