NYPD Officer Could Lose Her Job For Dating Convicted Killer

Staten Island police officer Nancy Heinz may face internal charges for dating ex-convict Mark Liverano, who has been on parole for the 1995 murder of a bouncer.

Heinz has been a member of the New York Police Department since 1989. She is known by her colleagues as the Marilyn Monroe of the NYPD, a reference to her distinctive platinum blond hair, NY Daily News reports.

Heinz allegedly dated Liverano between January and July 2015.

In 1995, Liverano was involved in the shooting death of Richard Boeke, a widowed father of two. During an altercation at the Brooklyn diner Boeke worked at, the bouncer attempted to intervene when Liverano pulled a gun and shot him in the head.

Liverano was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in prison. He has been on parole since August 2014.

It is not clear how Heinz and Liverano met, but the relationship apparently ended badly. Since the breakup, she has filed a restraining order against him. The ex-convict reportedly he spit on her in public in September 2015, although it is unclear whether or not this was the incident that prompted the order of protection.

The NYPD became aware of Heinz’s relationship with Liverano after he attacked retired officer Michael Davis at the Staten Island bar known as Hot Shotz on Nov. 27. Liverano had allegedly confronted Heinz, violating his restraining order, prompting Davis to intervene.

Witnesses say the ex-convict struck Davis across the head with what may have been a pistol. The retired officer’s wound required 17 staples.

It is a violation of NYPD ethics for officers to fraternize with convicted felons. Heinz is now being investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau and could be penalized. Punishments could be a loss of vacation days or termination of employment.

Liverano’s sister, Marie Liverano, blames Heinz for her brother sliding back into violence. “He was doing everything right until he met her,” she told NY Daily News. “She’s just no good.”

It is unclear whether Heinz knew about Liverano’s past criminal history.

Sources: NY Daily News (2) / Photo Credit: Facebook via NY Daily News

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