NYPD Officer Charged With Breaking Into Woman's Home and Repeatedly Punching Her In the Face

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Just hours after accepting a prestigious award at the New York Police Department Medal Day Ceremony, a New York City police officer reportedly broke into a woman’s apartment and "beat the hell" out of her.

Eugene Donnelly, 27, has been arrested and charged with assault and burglary for allegedly breaking down a Bronx woman’s door on June 11 and punching her in the face repeatedly, causing her to suffer from cuts, swelling and bruising, and bleeding, reports NBC New York.

The night before the incident, Donnelly – who has been a police officer since 2010 -- had been awarded the Police Combat Cross for his work in capturing a man who had fired a gun at him while he was off duty in May 2012. The officer celebrated with friends after the award ceremony and reportedly spent the night with a friend, who lives in the same building as the victim.

Donnelly was reportedly drunk and wearing only his underwear early the next morning when he wandered out of the friend’s apartment and broke into the woman’s home, reports the Daily News. She was still sleeping when he allegedly entered her bedroom and punched her in the face. The victim, 30, says she did not know Donnelly.

The officer than reportedly punched her 20 or 30 more times and, at one point, told her, “I’m a good guy, but sometimes I’m a bad guy.”

After hitting her numerous times and causing her head to strike the floor, the suspect then allegedly went to the woman’s fridge and drank from her milk container.

Donnelly turned himself in on Monday, but pleaded not guilty. He has been released and is due back in court on Aug. 20.

His attorney, Mike Marinaccio, says his client is a “hero” and there is more to this story that will soon be revealed.

“This case is far more complicated than what one reads in the complaint,” Marinaccio said. “We’re confident when all the facts come out, people will have a different view of the case.”

Sources: NBC New York, Daily News

Photo Credit: New York City Police Department


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