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NYPD Offers $12,000 Reward For Suspects Who Attacked Cops During Protest

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The New York Police Department is offering a $12,000 reward for the arrest of the seven individuals involved in an attack against two NYPD lieutenants during a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge. The attack, which took place this Saturday during a march in which protesters were calling for justice for the murder of Eric Garner, began after two officers carried out an unrelated arrest on the bridge. The officers, Lt. Patrick Sullivan and Lt. Patrick Chan, were arresting 29-year-old CUNY professor Eric Linkser for dumping a garbage can off a pedestrian overpass of the bridge and onto other officers below. 

As that arrest was taking place, four men and three women approached the two officers and began punching and kicking them. The incident was captured on video and subsequently uploaded to YouTube, which NYPD has been using to search for the suspects. The police department has released enhanced photos from that video online, offering a monetary reward for any information about the suspects that leads to their arrest and conviction. Aside from the enhanced versions of the photos, the identities of the attackers are difficult to determine from the video. There are several bystanders and onlookers visible in the video, who are currently being investigated by NYPD as witnesses to the crime. 

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The two officers both needed immediate medical attention as a result of the attack, but they ultimately suffered only cuts and bruises. Lt. Chan's nose was also broken during the attack. According to the New York Post, both officers are now back on the job. NYPD has issued flyers containing images of both the witnesses of the attack and the suspects involved in the crime, ramping up an investigation to convict people in the crime.

The NYPD's investigation into the attack has been politicized within New York, as Mayor Bill De Blasio described the attack as "allegedly" occurring during a speech in praise of peaceful protestors on Saturday night. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has a different opinion towards the protesters, stating, "Their world is a very different world oftentimes than the world the rest of us live in. They don't like the government, they don't like society, they don't like anything. So they're seeking to take advantage of it."

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Image Source: The New York Post


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