NYPD Seek Man Who Attacked Woman With Bag Of Poop

Detectives in the NYPD are searching for a man accused of violently attempting to shove a bag filled with feces into a woman's shorts before fondling her and running away.

The victim, 27, was walking on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and talking on her cell phone June 27 around 6 p.m. when the man came up to her from behind, according to the Daily Mail. A surveillance video of the incident then shows the man violently grabbing the victim's waist and trying to shove the poo-filled bag into her shorts in broad daylight.

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As the woman tried to wrestle herself free from her attacker, the suspect grabbed her butt and then shoved her before throwing the bag and a pair of latex gloves that he had been wearing. The suspect then fled the scene. The NYPD said that the attack was random, and that the victim did not know the man, according to WNBC.

The suspect is estimated to be a black male around 40 years old, six feet tall, and around 200 pounds. The attack occurred on East 74th Street near First Avenue.

After the attack, the victim ran into a nearby parking garage. "She couldn't speak," Felix Martinez, an attendant who works at the garage, told New York Daily News. "She was shaking. She couldn't even call 911. She tried twice."

"This guy is insane," Martinez said of the attacker. "He was dirty ... There was a guy across the street who screamed, ‘Hey, you! What’s happening?’ And he ran off."

The victim's mother and boyfriend later arrived with clean clothes, and she changed in a building next door, Martinez said.

Police said that it was unclear whether the feces that was in the bag was human or animal.

In 2013, a similar incident involved a man who hit a 21-year-old woman riding on Chicago public transit with a sock that was filled with human feces. The woman, who said it was the biggest degradation she had ever experienced, added that she had nothing to wipe her face off with before paramedics arrived and gave her water and towels.

"It was everywhere," she said, according to WMAQ. "On my face, my hair, my clothes."

Sources: Daily Mail, WNBC, New York Daily News, WMAQ / Photo credit: NYPD via Daily Mail

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