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NYPD Cops Beat Black Man With Hands Up Over Alleged Pizza Theft (Video)

A newly released surveillance video (below) shows Thomas Jennings being beaten by two New York Police Department officers on July 7 inside a Brooklyn grocery store.

The video (does not include audio) begins with Officer Lenny Lutchman apparently verbally confronting Jennings who puts his hands up.

Moments later, Officer Pearce Martinez rushes up and blindsides Jennings with several punches to the head, while Lutchman joins in on the beating with a baton, reports NY Daily News.

The police report claims Jennings, who is an aspiring hip-hop artist, flailed his arms and resisted arrest, which does not appear to happen on the video.

Two more officers join the scene after the beating to help a handcuffed Jennings, who was charged with resisting arrest and robbery.

“I didn’t ever know it was coming,” Jennings told NY Daily News.

Jennings required five stitches because of a head injury he says was inflicted by the officers.

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson are reportedly investigating and reviewing the video.

“It’s horrendous what they did to him,” said Amy Rameau, Jennings' lawyer. “He had his hands up. He didn’t pose a threat to anyone in that store. It was an absolute use of excessive force.”

Court papers claim that the incident began at a restaurant where Jennings and an unidentified man debated with an employee over the price of a pizza slice.

The unidentified man reportedly pulled a knife on the employee, then the knife-wielding suspect and Jennings allegedly stole the pizza and some salt and pepper shakers.

Police later found Jennings blocks away inside a grocery store, which is when the video begins.

Jennings was held in jail until July 13, but was released after prosecutors didn't present his case to a grand jury, notes

Sources: NY Daily News, / Photo credit: YouTube/NY Daily News Screenshot


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