NYPD Cop Tells Man Filming Him: 'Don't Make Me Fear For My Safety' (Video)


A blogger who goes by the identity "M. Logic" recently filmed a confrontation that he had with a NYPD officer in the Bronx.

M. Logic recorded the encounter on his cell phone (video below).

According to The Free Thought Project, M. Logic observed two officers writing parking tickets.

After the officers crossed the street to write another ticket, M. Logic asked a motorist if he got a ticket, but a police officer yelled, “Get away from him that’s my car stop.”

The NYPD officer approached M. Logic and said, "Don’t make me fear for my safety.”

Police officers often use the "fear of safety" claim as a reason to shoot people.

M. Logic wrote on his YouTube video description, "In other words he is making the case to use deadly force even though I have absolutely nothing in my hands and pose no threat to either officer what so ever."

M. Logic told the officer that he was going to film from across the street.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, YouTube
Image Credit: NYPD Logo


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