NYPD Cop Killer Filmed Police Officer Confronting Him In 2013 (Video)


NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were fatally shot on Saturday while sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn.

A cell phone video (below) uploaded by the New York Post shows the aftermath of the shooting when first responders arrived on the scene.

Officer Ramos and Liu were placed in an ambulance and rushed to a nearby hospital, however, neither survived.

The alleged gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, was chased by some bystanders into a subway where he fatally shot himself, reports NBC News.

A cell phone video (below), which was on Brinsley’s Facebook page before it was pulled down, was posted on LiveLeak.com that notes it was recorded a year ago.

The video, purportedly filmed by Brinsley, shows a police dog sniffing his bag on a bus. An unidentified police officer tells Brinsley that the dog signaled something was in the bag, however, Brinsley counters that the dog didn't bark.

The officer tells Brinsley that he doesn't understand how a police dog signals, but Brinsley claims the cop brought the dog over twice and the first time nothing happened.

The officer tells Brinsley to stop filming, but Brinsley says he is allowed to do in public. The officer insists that Brinsley is not allowed to film his investigation and the video ends.

Sources: LiveLeak.com, New York Post, NBC News
Image Credit: Kevin.B


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