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NYPD Cop Cheered-On As He Tasers Suspect, Allegedly Brags: ‘I’ve Been Waiting For That’

A 23-year-old man from the Bronx claims a New York City police officer Tasered him while he was sitting on the floor of his kitchen as a fellow officer cheered him on.

Wilkin Delossantos filed a complaint against the NYPD and is consulting an attorney about a lawsuit.

He says his mother and 21-year-old sister called 911 because he wasn’t feeling well. Police arrived at the apartment he shares with his mother on Sept. 3.

Delossantos claims his sister opened the apartment door, police barged in, and deployed the stun gun.

“I overheard one officer telling the officer who tasered me, ‘Hey, man, you popped your cherry,’” Delossantos told the Daily News.

“The guy who Tasered me said, ‘Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that,'" he recalled.

According to police, Delossantos challenged the officer with the Taser. They also say 911 was called because the 21-year-old was acting emotionally disturbed.

Sources: New York Daily News, New York City And Press


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