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NYPD Cop Body Slams Skateboarder Who Claims 'Police Brutality' (Video)

Yibin Mu was taken down by a police officer in New York City on Oct. 25 while skateboarding in Columbus Circle (video below).

It's not clear who filmed the incident, but Mu posted the cell phone video on his YouTube page with the title: "Police Brutality - NYC Police vs Skateboarder."

Mu wrote on his page: "Without warning, the police officer used one hand to grab my forearm and the other hand to grab the back of my neck. He then put me in a chokehold and this is what happened next. I was non-aggressive the entire time."

The officer does have Mu in a headlock in the beginning of the video, but it's not clear if was a chokehold.

NYPD spokesman Detective Brian Sessa said that bans against skateboarding are posted in the area, and added that the officer told Mu to sit down while he cited him, reports Gothamist.

Sessa referred to the officer's report that said Mu "refused to sit down and ignored him. The officer informed him that he was placing him under arrest, and attempted to take him into custody, and the defendant fought with the officer."

The officer reportedly used pepper spray on Mu, who was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, failure to comply with a posted sign, and defacing park property.

Sources: Gothamist, YouTube / Yibin Mu/YouTube Screenshot


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