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NYPD Cop Accused Of Rolling Dice On Suspect's Fate (Video)

The NYPD recently pulled Detective David Terrell off of active duty after a video (below) surfaced of the officer playing dice with some men on a street a couple of months ago, allegedly over a suspect's freedom.

Kenny Shenery, the suspect, told WNBC that he and some buddies were playing dice in the Bronx when Terrell and another officer walked up and proceeded to frisk them.

Shenery, who was subsequently taken into custody, said that Terrell told his friends that he would play a game of dice with Shenery's freedom at stake.

One of Shenery's friends filmed the incident from the sidewalk, while a neighbor filmed from across the street.

An unidentified man tells Terrell: "If you ace out right now, you gotta let him go."

The police officer blows on the dice for luck before he rolls. Then the video filmed from across the street shows the young men cheering when Terrell loses.

Terrell still took Shenery to a police station where the 25-year-old was locked up for two days.

"He took me in for loud music, and I didn't even have any radio in my car," Shenery told WNBC.

Terrell reportedly asked Shenery if he knew a young man named Pedro Hernandez.

Manuel Gomez, a private investigator, represents Hernandez and other people who say they have been targeted by the 42nd precinct, which is being investigated by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau for allegedly falsifying arrests and pressuring witnesses to lie.

"The pattern is that [Terrell] goes out randomly, grabbing people within the area," Gomez told WNBC. "And tries to get them to falsify evidence on other people."

Gomez told PIX 11:

This detective is giving every good cop a bad name. He's making the police department look horrible. And he shouldn't be out there. There's a lot of good cops [whose] image is being destroyed by the mere fact of the existence of Detective Terrell being on the job.

Gomez, a former NYPD cop and U.S. Army, intelligence officer, said that nearly a dozen people have approached him about Terrell, who purportedly drove by during Gomez's interview with PIX 11.

Hernandez was arrested in 2015, and sent to a detention home where a surveillance camera filmed a staff member beating him. The charges against Hernandez in that case were dropped.

Terrell arrested Hernandez again, this time for a shooting, but more than a half dozen witnesses and the victim said that Hernandez is innocent. Hernandez is sitting in jail on a $250,000 bail.

"[Terrell is] actively terrorizing the community, still," Hernandez's attorney, John Scola, added. "We get multiple calls about how he is doing this to everybody and they still haven't done anything."

Sources: WNBC, PIX 11 / Photo Credit: WNBC via YouTube

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