NYPD Assault Student Protesters Who Oppose David Petraeus Teaching at School (Video)


New York police officers were recently caught on video punching and roughing up protesters from City University of New York (CUNY) who oppose former CIA chief and General David Petraeus teaching at their school.

The video footage (below) shows a police officer holding a CUNY protester down while a plainclothes officer punches him repeatedly in the kidney during an anti-Petraeus rally last Tuesday.

Six of the protesters were arrested and charged with rioting, resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration and disorderly conduct (video below).

“They pushed us on to the street and they just started from there where they grabbed one of my comrades, slammed his head against the car and were just all on top of him," Denise Ford, one of the students who was arrested, told RT.com.

“Then I went to try help him out and in the process I ended up falling in between two cars on the back of my head. Then I proceeded to get up. And when I looked to the back of me there were cops on top of my other comrade. I witnessed they picked up his shirt and a police officer took two to five blows to his kidneys. And then a cop just came and grabbed me, pulled me back and cuffed me."

The Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY, which organized the rally, recently issued a press release condemning the “brutal, unprovoked police attack during a peaceful protest."

Petraeus is getting paid a six-figure salary as a visiting professor at CUNY, after his lawyer had announced that Petraeus would take the job for just $1.

Source: RT.com


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