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NYPD Arrests Lesbian Couple, Tells Them To Break Up And Find 'A Good-Looking Man'

A lesbian couple filed a federal suit against the New York Police Department for ruining their nuptials, when they pulled the couple over and allegedly made anti-gay remarks.

Sacoya Tolbert, 27, and Krista McCrea, 35, say they were returning to Brooklyn from Connecticut, where they obtained a marriage license, in June 2011.

Cops pulled the couple over in Flatbush, the Daily News reported.

The driver of the car, a friend of couple’s, didn’t have documents for the vehicle. NYPD then arrested the driver, McCrea, and Tolbert.

During the arrest, a cop allegedly told Tolbert to dump her wife and find a “good-looking man” to marry.

They allegedly said McCrea only cared about “cash, clothes and hoes.”

In June, three gay men claimed they suffered homophobic remarks from NYPD in front of the 79th Precinct in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Josh Williams, 26, and his roommates Ben Collins and Tony Maenza, both 24, were caught urinating in public. Williams says he was pepper-sprayed and cops proceeded to call them “faggots” as they were arrested.

Williams was charged with resisting arrest and his roommates were charged with obstruction.

Sources: New York Daily, Newshour 24


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