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NYC Woman Yaribely Almonte Charged With Performing Self-Abortion

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that 20-year-old Yaribely Almonte has been charged with self-abortion.

Almonte is accused of wrapping the fetus of her unborn daughter in plastic and dumping it in a garbage bin outside of her West 191st Street apartment.

The Associated Press reports that police are investigating whether the woman ended her pregnancy by drinking an herbal concoction billed as an abortion-causing tea.

The body of the fetus was found on Tuesday by the building superintendent, who was sorting recyclables, police said. Almonte was arrested and charged on Wednesday night.

Under New York state law, an abortion can only be performed on a fetus older than 24 weeks if the procedure is necessary to save the woman’s life. Apparently Almonte's unborn baby was older than 24 weeks.

The Medical Examiner has yet to determine the cause of death. Almonte was released with an order to appear in court in January.


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