NYC Takes Away Bike Lanes, Bicyclists Repaint Them

By Michael Mullaley

Sometimes the best way to accomplish something is to do it yourself. That was the attitude of several distraught individuals who, after losing 14 blocks of bike lanes along Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, proceeded to make a short video of them taking back the streets.

While the bike lanes, which had been in place since 2007, were sandblasted for “bike network adjustments," many bikers saw this as a violation of their safety. So, at night, they returned to the road to repaint a section of the bike lane. The video sends a strong message about the importance of bike safety and proves that bicyclists will resist future lane adjustments. They say, "Do not try to remove them, or we will put them back for our own safety."

According to the New York Post, two “hipster Brooklyn cyclists” were caught by police officers and charged with criminal mischief charges and defacing the street.


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