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NYC Subway Altercation Goes Viral, Spark Controversy (Video)

An insane new viral video shows a woman being slapped by a guy on a New York City subway after she berates him for his sense of style, and as soon as the slap happens, all hell breaks loose.

In the clip, which was posted on Saturday and has already garnered over 650,000 views, the unidentified woman can be seen berating a random guy on the train for the way he is dressed. Her friends egg her on while she continues to insult the man because he’s wearing an eight ball jacket and fur hat.

When the woman says something to the man about her Steve Madden shoes, the guy behind the camera throws out a retort about how Steve Madden shoes are irrelevant. That angers the woman and her friends, who run up and smack the camera out of the guy’s hands twice.

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The situation continues to escalate as the woman continues to verbally attack the man for the way he’s dressed. The man, who clearly wants to be left alone, says something to her and calls her a bitch, and the woman responds by hitting him in the back of the head. In what appears to be almost a reflex response, the man turns around and slaps the woman in the face so hard that the sound of his skin hitting hers can be easily heard.

That slap suddenly sparks a massive fight right on the F train, and close to 10 people start to fight each other right there on the train before the video ends.

Since it went viral this weekend, many people have commented online, and the reactions seem to be mixed. Some people believe that the man had a reason to hit the woman who wouldn’t stop berating him, and others think that the slap took it too far.

“The slap was deserved,” said one commenter on the NY Daily News’ article. “Considering the size of the man she chose to provoke, she is very lucky it wasn't a punch. Nuff said.”

“No one should have hit anyone,” said a commenter on Gawker. “That’s it.”

Check out the crazy viral clip below and decide for yourself if this now infamous slap was warranted.

Sources: NY Daily News, Gawker


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