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NYC Strippers Charged for Drugging Rich Men, Taking Their Money

A group of strippers in New York City have been arrested for allegedly spiking the drinks of wealthy men with the drug methylone (also known as "molly"), driving them to strip clubs and charging thousands of dollars on their credit cards for private rooms, drinks, meals and other services.

Two strip clubs paid the women for bringing the men in, but there have been no criminal charges pressed against the clubs. One club manager was arrested.

The Drug Enforcement Administration DEA) and New York Police Department (NYPD) arrested four strippers for grand larceny, assault and forgery on Monday, according to court papers.

The Associated Press reports the victims included a banker and attorney who were bilked out of about $200,000.

The victims who disputed the strip club bills would allegedly get texts from the strippers that warned the men that their visits would be publicly known.

“These individuals targeted and isolated victims in order to illegally obtain access to their credit cards and thousands of dollars of credit,” NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton told CBS New York. “Thanks to the hard work of the investigators and prosecutors in this case, these individuals will no longer be in a position to profit from this type of fraudulent activity.”

Sources: CBS New York and Associated Press


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