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NYC Police Searching For Suspect Who Punched And Tried To Rape Woman

The NYPD says they are actively searching for a male suspect who repeatedly punched and attempted to rape a woman before her teenage son chased him away.

Newly-released surveillance images of the suspect have been circulating online as NYPD investigators hope someone will help them locate the man.

On Wednesday, the suspect reportedly followed a 36-year-old woman into her apartment building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after asking her for directions to the nearest train station. He was apparently drunk at the time.

When they reached the third floor, the suspect allegedly punched the woman multiple times and attempted to rape her, but the victim’s teenage son heard the commotion and came running to his mother's defense. When the suspect saw the son coming, he took off running.

Police say that the suspect is between 25 and 35 years old, and weighs around 180 pounds at 6-foot-2.

Sources: NY Daily News, Gothamist / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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