NYC Murder Suspect Nabbed After Spotted on JumboTron


A man wanted for a murder in New York City is under arrest in North Carolina -- nabbed after he was seen on the JumboTron screen at an NBA game there.

On October 23rd, a man was shot to death in a diner in Manhattan. Based on witness reports, police quickly named 24-year-old Earle Barranco as a suspect. The witnesses said the gunman was wearing a huge, diamond-encrusted moneybag pendant around his neck. NYPD put out a nationwide alert for him.

Six days later, Barranco was seen on the JumboTron screen at a Charlotte Bobcats game. He was walking near a couple that was the focus of the shot.

"He was walking behind them, but someone who knows him spotted him," a police source said. "After the game, that person learned he was wanted and then reported seeing him."

Charlotte authorities reviewed the tape and confirmed it was indeed Barranco. He was wearing the same moneybag pendant, which helped police make the identification.

When he showed up to another Bobcats game on Saturday night, North Carolina cops and FBI agents were there to greet and arrest him.

He is expected to appear at an extradition hearing in North Carolina Tuesday.

Police say Barranco used to be friends with the victim, Corey Scott. They say the two were having a dispute over money when Barranco killed him.


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