NYC Man Pushed In Front Of Subway Train By Stranger (Video)


New York City man Wai Kuen Kwok was killed after a man allegedly pushed him onto the subway tracks, according to police who released CCTV footage of the event.

The attack occurred while Kwok and his wife, 59-year-old Yow Ho Lee, were waiting for a train at the Concourse and East 167th Street station in Highbridge. The conductor reported seeing Kwok fly in front of the train, according to one transit source who discussed the event with The New York Daily News.

“The guy was still in the air when he hit him,” the source noted.

Although the conductor halted the southbound D train, Kwok had been rolled over by three train cars by the time it stopped.

The 61-year-old was hit around 8:40 a.m. and pronounced dead on the scene. Lee was taken to the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, though she was physically uninjured.

“She is not injured except for obvious trauma from seeing her husband pushed in front of a train,” one source told The Post.

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Lee was released from the hospital and police are currently interviewing her.

In footage and pictures, the suspect is wearing a black balaclava and smoking a cigarette before the event. Following the event, witnesses said the man fled from the station.

Police do not believe that Kwok knew the man or that the two had an altercation prior to the attack.

In December 2012, a homeless man was arrested for pushing a person in front of a Times Square train. In the same month, a woman pushed a man to his death at a Queens subway station. In April 2013, a man was pushed onto the tracks after arguing with a homeless man.

Sources: DailyMail, ABC News / Photo Credit: DailyMail


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