NYC Limo Offers Ride -- and Marijuana


It's a conspicuous sight in New York City -- a tricked-out 1970s Cadillac limo, trolling the late-night streets for customers. For $100 an hour, the driver will take you wherever you want to go. He also offers something else -- sharing marijuana with him.

A reporter for the New York Daily News and three friends booked a ride with Al the limo driver one late night. The newspaper withheld the driver's last name because what he is doing is very illegal.

The white limo with racing stripes on the side and neon purple undercarriage lights picked them up at the appointed time. They climbed inside, which the reporter described thusly:

The inside was decked out in Studio-54-meets-New-Orleans-brothel: red velvet ceilings and floors, peace sign stickers, a dangling disco ball and leopard-print pillows.

The reporter says Al lit up joints, and passed them to the back for his passengers to smoke. The reporter says he did not smoke anything, but his friends certainly did.

"The guy was super nice and friendly," one friend said. "He gave us what we wanted."

"It definitely lived up to its reputation as the pot limo," said another.

The limo also comes equipped with candy and Cheetos to satisfy the inevitable munchies.

The day after taking the magic limo ride, the News called Al to ask if he's worried about being caught. Al immediately denied supplying and smoking marijuana. "I got to be honest, I don't know what you're talking about," he said.

"It's about a ride from destination to destination. If you guys did more than what was legal, that was up to you guys, not me."


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