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Photos: PETA's Bloody NYC Anti-Meat Protest

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By Jeff Mackey

We've always said that meat is murder, but our demonstration in New York City this week literally turned that message into flesh and blood. Well, OK, the blood was fake, but the point was genuine: All meat comes from somebody. And when you show human bodies in those neatly plastic-wrapped supermarket packages, the point hits home and it begins to look like a grisly scene from Dexter.

The thought of chewing and swallowing the skin and muscle of a murder victim surely ruined some viewers' appetites for flesh food. It's the appropriate response to witnessing a gruesome display of the corpses of those who have been tormented and killed—you know, like in the butcher department of your supermarket. Let's face it, every piece of meat comes from an individual who suffered miserably and died violently. In other words, meat is … yup … murder.

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