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NYC Domino’s Employees Fired After Complaining About Low Wages

Twenty-four Domino’s Pizza employees in New York City claim they were fired from their delivery jobs after they complained to management that they receive far below minimum wage as tipped servers.

Workers at a Washington Height’s Domino’s say they participated in the fast food worker’s walkout last Thursday in solidarity with other underpaid workers across the country.

The delivery drivers make $6 an hour, although minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, because they also receive tips when they make deliveries. Tipped workers in NYC can be paid as little as $5 an hour. However, the drivers say they do other work for many hours for which they don’t earn tips.

The group plans to protest outside the store on 181st Street until they get their jobs back. On Sunday, the protesters were joined by city council member Ydanis Rodriguez and New York State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa.

“Standing w/ workers on 181 this morning to get their jobs back after they were fired 4 standing up for their families,” tweeted Rodriguez on Sunday afternoon.

“Having all these workers fired, not able to bring the food to their families, in part of a season when we are supposed to be able to give thanks and share with others, is really outrageous,” said Rosa.

“The national fast food strikes have brought the industry’s systemic mistreatment of its workers into the national spotlight, and we will continue to build momentum, continue to organize, until every employee receives the living wage of $15 wage that he or she deserves,” she added.

A Domino’s spokesperson told ThinkProgress, “we can’t confirm any of the allegations” because the store is run by an independent franchisee.

The Department of Labor found Domino’s franchises guilty of violating labor law in the past by forcing employees who work on tips to perform non-tipped tasks, according to ThinkProgress. Some franchises also forced workers to buy their uniforms and go without overtime pay.

Sources: Gothamist, ThinkProgress


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