NYC Cops Busted: Part of Gun Smuggling Ring

Five New York City police officers are among 12 men arrested, accused of being part of a ring that smuggled illegal guns and other illicit goods.

The New York Daily News reports the ringleader was an officer from Brooklyn named William Masso. He allegedly got involved with one man who turned out to be an informant for the FBI. According to court documents, Masso is heard on secretly recorded tapes talking about the criminal enterprise.

Among their alleged endeavors included taking a load of guns that had their serial numbers scratched off across state lines. They also allegedly broke into tractor trailers filled with cigarettes which they drove from Virginia to New York, slapped phony tax stamps on them and sold them.

The indictment alleges that the crew made $163,000 -- not enough according to Masso.

"They're risking a lot for a little," he allegedly said on one recording.

In addition to the five active officers, four retired cops and a New Jersey corrections officer were reportedly part of the gang.


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