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NYC Cops Bust Harlem Gang; Stashed Guns All Over Their Turf

Police in New York City say they have busted a gang that stashed guns all over their turf in Harlem where members could find them just in case a weapon was needed.

“We have dismantled one of the most violent gangs in Central Harlem,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. said according to the New York Daily News.

Nineteen gang members, some as young as 17 years old, were indicted on charges ranging from attempted murder to weapons possession to firearms trafficking. Police were able to find 18 of them -- they pleaded not guilty at arraignments on Friday. One suspect remains at large.

The gang, which alternatively went by the names “Goodfellas/The New Dons," “One Twenty-Nine” and “OTN" controlled a few blocks of Harlem. They used their guns to protect their turf; not for drug dealing or anything like that -- just for the sake of having some turf.

“It is territorial, not commercial,” Vance said at a news conference, standing before a cache of about a dozen guns the gang had stashed in mail boxes, rooftops, under stoops and other locations.

The gang got its weapons from Virginia, which has long been a source of illegal guns for criminals in New York City.

Photo courtesy NY Daily News


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