NYC Cop Sticks Finger in Hammer of Gun; Saves His Life

A New York City police officer thought quickly when a suspect pulled a gun on him -- he jammed his finger between the gun's hammer and the cylinder. He broke the finger, but he likely saved his life.

The New York Daily News reports that early Saturday morning cops stopped a speeding livery cab in Brooklyn. As they approached the car, they said they saw one of the two men in the back seat adjusting something in his waistband.

The officers ordered everybody out of the car. As Sgt. Michael Miller was frisking one of the men, identified as Eugene Graves, he said he felt a gun, and ordered Graves to put his hands behind him back.

Instead Graves allegedly attacked Miller, pulling his gun and sticking it in Miller's stomach. That's when Miller put his finger against the hammer so the gun could not fire. Police said Graves pulled the trigger several times before Miller's partner jumped in and subdued him.

Graves is now charged with attempted murder of a police officer, criminal possession of about two ounces of what is believed to be crack, weapons possession, assaulting a police officer, menacing and resisting arrest.

The other man ran away during the confusion.

Police said officers are trained to do just what Miller did.


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