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NY Woman, Shashi Sharma, Leaves Hospital 8 Weeks After Pit Bull Attack

LONG ISLAND – Shashi Bala Sharma, 62, a realtor who was attacked by two pit bulls in Nassau County, NY, on September 29 was finally released from Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) on November 22 to spend Thanksgiving Day with her family. She was so badly mauled that she was not expected to recover.

On September 29th, Shashi had taken a walk around the athletic field track at Brookside Community Center near her home when the two 90-pound pit bulls “seemingly came from nowhere,” knocked her to the ground and began mauling her entire body.  She recalled that one of the dogs had grabbed her arm and her cell phone was thrown out of her hand.  As the two pit bulls continued to “eat her alive," she was miraculously able to roll her body to reach the phone and dial 911, she later told doctors.   The Center’s surveillance cameras captured the attack and confirmed that her account was accurate, according to 

One of the pit bulls was shot near the scene but another remained at large until October 17, when it was shot outside Precious Kids II Daycare on Jerusalem Avenue in North Merrick, while Sashi Sharma was still in critical condition in the hospital.,0,4184420.story

Dr. Louis Riina of Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) said at a news conference. "I've never seen an animal attack that resulted in this much tissue destruction.  She was literally “de-gloved" from her shoulder to her wrist, according to a Pix11 report, meaning her arms was laid bare to the bone down her entire arm.  Dr. Riina said the dogs tried to tear apart her "Arms, hands, legs, face, neck, scalp."

“I want to say this from the bottom of my heart that I am highly grateful,” Sharma told reporters, as she was wheeled from the hospital. Sharma added that she was “still recovering every day.”


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