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NY Woman Marcy Glanz Throws Monthlong Farewell Party Before Her Death

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, a New York woman named Marcy Glanz was told in late November that she only had a few weeks to live.

“Many of us die too soon and have no chance to say goodbye, or we have a long, ugly painful demise,” her husband, Marion Stewart, told The New York Times. “Hers was neither of those.”

Instead of expressing sorrow and waiting to die, Glanz wanted to go out in style by planning a month-long farewell party with her husband.

“She very quickly made peace with the fact that she was going to die in a few weeks and that she would use that time to say goodbye,” Stewart said.

Friends from around the country, some from across town, came to visit Glanz her West 90th Street apartment.

Glanz turned 62 on Dec. 24, and decided to celebrate with three different parties. She even made a traditional family trip to “The Nutcracker” at Lincoln Center, which would be the last time she stepped foot outside of her apartment.

She threw herself a New Year’s Eve party, and invited 20 people, Mr. Stewart said.

There was plenty of sobbing, “but there was a lot more laughing than crying,” Stewart said. “We did many of the things that people do after death, but we did it before she died.”

Glanz wrote an outline for her husband about her memorial service, everything from the music and the speakers. She narrated a slideshow of her paintings for her sons, Jeremy and Josh, to display online for others to see.

“There was no ‘Woe is me’ or ‘I can’t stand this,’” he said. “There was just a peacefulness and wanting to wrap everything up.”

Glanz died on her bed on Jan. 5, with her family gathered around her.

“She died peacefully, without pain, at home in her own bed, surrounded by her family,” Stewart wrote on the class directory of Newton South High School, where his wife graduated from in 1969. “She was as amazing in her last days as she was during the rest of her life.”


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