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NY Post Calls David Furnish Elton John’s “Wife”

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By Aaron McQuade

Okay yes, it’s the New York Post, the media organization that GLAAD has been working to educate since literally day one. But I really thought even they would be above this.

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And in case you’re wondering whether this was something that ONLY appeared on the Post’s website?


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See? Because Elton John and David Furnish are both men, and they’re in a relationship, Rupert Murdoch thinks one of them should be referred to as a woman! Because they’re gay! Get it?

This is sophomoric, insulting, and just another example of the Murdoch empire’s clearly intentional anti-LGBT attitude. Yes, even 25 years after the Post’s harmful and vile rhetoric inspired the creation of GLAAD, they still manage to surprise us every once in a while.

So yesterday I reached out to Joe Robinowitz, the Post’s Managing Editor – as well as the author of the piece, David Li, and two editors (Barry Gross and Michelle Gotthelf) that David had recommended I contact, since he didn’t write the headline.

This morning, the paper is still referring to a gay man as a woman. And there you have it. Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post.

Am I worried about David Furnish’s mental well-being after this tabloid called him Elton John’s “Wife?” No, I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine.

What I am worried about is the thousands of people who will see this article in their paper, online, over somebody’s shoulder on the subway, or anywhere else – and see that the Post is telling them it’s okay to imply that one member of a gay or lesbian couple is really a member of the opposite gender. 

It’s not a long walk from “Wife” to “Girly.” From there it’s a pretty straight line to ”Sissy” and “F*ggot.”

No matter how seemingly benign the insult, and no matter how seemingly invulnerable the target, it’s always a dangerous game when you’re telling people it’s okay to insult others because of their sexual orientation. That’s exactly what the Post did when it headlined this piece – and it’s exactly what the Post is doing now, by refusing to correct it.


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